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Why we do what we do...

The team at VOA believes that time is so precious that we want to make sure that you as a business owner aren't wasting it on tasks that you shouldn't have to focus on or try to figure out. We value family time, rest, and creativity. All of these values can be seen in how we work together as a team and how we thrive to care for our clients and their families.

Your business isn't just about making money and providing a service. You started your business to provide for your loved ones and we are here to make sure that in providing for them you still have the opportunity to provide your time to them. To make memories and live a fuller life than just being a business owner.

Helping you rise to the occasion.

Holly McPherson
CEO and Founder

Holly is an idea generator and is always looking at obstacles in a new perspective. This way of thinking has allowed her to reinvent how office management is done. By assisting small business owners, HR and office managers, Holly has found that her true calling is to make their life easier by connecting them with the right VA to achieve their personal and professional goals in non traditional ways. 

Holly has over 20 years experience working with contractors. Her background comes from supporting her father’s small business when she was a teen. 

Holly started by building a team of virtual assistants back in 2017 and the idea intrigued her clients so much that the team grew and Holly realized that this was the best way to support small businesses on a much bigger scale.

Our Team

The team consists of professionals from all across the United States and Canada. Each with their own special skills to make your job easier. Holly and her team have also fine tuned many systems by relying on each other's skills and experience. So, the benefit that VOA clients receive is much more than it would be with a traditional office staff. Don't miss out on working with this amazing team of talented virtual assistants.

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Virtual Office Agent

With Virtual Office Agent we believe that your time is the most valuable thing you don't own and therefore we work to preserve your time. The team at VOA is educated and trained to find the most efficient way to run your business so you don't have to.

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